New Facebook Page

New Facebook Page

Hey Folks,

I’m sort of moved over to the world of Facebook as it allows me to reach a larger audience. I will still be on here from time to time but check me out and be sure to like and share my page!

it is ever growing and needs some polishing but it’s all about the process!

–Create with an open heart–


Halloween Approaches!

Hi Folks,

I’m still working at the craft show preparations and I hope to share some updates with that early this week!

For now, I wanted to show you some progress on Matt and my costumes for the Hunger Cabaret fundraiser. It is a Halloween pub crawl in down town and proceeds go towards helping out the Shelter house RFDA etc.

We often like to do costumes together such as Dick Tracy and Tessa Trueheart…



And last year we went as Waldo and Carmen Sandiego! The bouncers said a few times ” Aww, nice you finally found each other!”



This year, we may have watched too many episodes of “Heroes of Cosplay” and chose video game characters from Fable 3.

I’m going as Theresa, the blind Seer..


And so far, I’m getting there… slowly….

DSC_0038 DSC_0037 DSC_0035


Matt is going as Reaver


This has been his first time sewing EVER so I’m proud of the vest he made! We bought a few items and modifying others. So far, here we are with the main costume and the start of a holster for his gun.

DSC_0025 DSC_0031 DSC_0027 DSC_0029


So there you have it folks! Just a few nerds hanging out sewing together!

I’m off to cut more flannel for the products for the craft show and I will see you in a few days!

–Create with an open heart–

Little by little!

Hey Folks,

Well as the title says, little by little I’m building up the stock for the craft show in October! I’ve been finding if I spend a little time everyday doing something it doesn’t seem so daunting. One day I’ll spend an hour just base stitching things, and another hour filling therapy bags.

My whiteboard in the craft room is all set up with quotas and current stock all colour-coordinated. I’m not an office supply nut… not at all!

Here are the few mini hot/cold packs that I made up tonight 🙂

DSC_0046 DSC_0047 DSC_0048




Next week, i’m hoping to have updates on our Halloween costumes!


–Create with an open heart–

Return to the Land of the Crafty and Creative

Hey Folks!

I must apologize for my 5 month absence but with sewing and crafting being my hobby, sometimes my priorities must shift. I was needed so I stepped up to the plate 🙂

That being said, I’m back and I’ve already waded back into the chaos of the craft room! On my bucket list has been to do a craft show. I have a table booked at a local fall craft show October 26th so I’ve been busy at it. I had one project to finish before I could get building my stock for the show and that was a custom yoga bag for Pam !

I wanted to share this little adventure with you as a start back into the blog 🙂 I can say it was a new challenge for me and not sure if I will tackle it again soon, but I learned a lot! The design requirement was to make a bag that would hold two yoga mats rolled together and a change of clothes. I essentially made a cylindrical duffle bag to spec.



I made it with an adjustable strap that would connect at the bottom


The other part was to make the opening at the top wider when unzipped to help when lowering the rolled up mats into place.


Then I attached a padded strap with the adjustable backpack strapping to the bottom


And Voila!! A custom bag, just for Pam! I swear she is my muse, ha ha!

I will be blogging when I can, with a Friday Spotlight each week. Thanks for coming back to visit!

As always, Create with an Open Heart…..

Toy Car Wallet

Hey Folks!

Today’s little project was a first attempt at a travel wallet for toy cars like matchbox cars! I’ve seen some really neat ones made but couldn’t find a pattern. I finally found one so I thought I’d give it a go :). It needs tweaking with the measurements but I think it is a good start!





See you Friday with another spotlight!
–Create with an open heart–

Weekend Spotlight: Rubbermaid Closet Helper!

Hey folks! Happy “may the fourth be with you” and “cinco de mayo!” I went home for the weekend for my lovely Grandmother’s 85th birthday so the blog is a little late (but with good reason 🙂 )

With the promise that spring is coming sometime before July, despite the continued surprise snowfalls, I have got the bug to get back at organizing my house. We have been in our home for about a year now so we have a pretty decent idea of what works and what doesn’t. Using the craft room as a catch all because we have no other proper place for things? Doesn’t work and makes for a major creative block! While strolling Home Depot with my dear friend Moira, we stumbled upon a really neat product by Rubbermaid… The Closet Helper!


They are a no-tools-not-permanent-quick-set-up sorta thing! I am lucky to have a closet in each of my bedrooms even though the house was built in 1971! As the closets are not being used since there are no little ones (yet!) I figured the closets were a perfect extra space for things! I also have another one that is two small shelves on top and a short hang below for my spare room closet!

photo (1)

Just to show you a bit of the process… my office closet went from this….


 To this lovely games cabinet!


The main idea is that they slide over the the existing shelf in your closet and you can adjust the hanging shelves to what level you would like! Easy peasy!

I hope you have yourselves a great weekend and I will see you Tuesday with something for the little car lovers in the family! Cheers!

–Create with an open heart–

Cord Cuff and Dream Tags

Hi folks! Welcome to another Tuesday! Today I have for you two Handy Dandy Little Things:one made, one bought!

The first is what I like to call “finally a use for all those little scraps!” But really, I call it a cord cuff 🙂 It works to keep the cords on your appliances bundled together. It can be used with flat irons/hair straighteners  hand mixers, power tools, etc. I personally used mine for my iron!




The other little handy dandy little thing I have for you are these neat tags I found by SMASH at Michaels Arts and Crafts store. I call them dream tags but I’m not sure what they are really called, ha ha. I plan to use them in my scrapbook of “things I find awesome from magazines.”



What is one of your favourite Handy Dandy Little Things? Have yourself a great day and I will see you Friday for a spotlight on and awesome organizing thing I found at Home Depot!

–Create with an open heart–